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Why does God only choose a few of us to save?

I am repeating my answer here from one I gave on Quora To answer the question posed by the title: You haven’t stated your religion, so I’m going to assume that you believe in the type of god from the Abrahamic Tradition, the Judeo-Christian-Islamic God. The Range of Beliefs: According to Wikipedia, there are an estimated 4,200 religions … Continue reading »

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Atheist Ethics and Abortion

Some atheists seem to have strongly held beliefs about a whole host of things that have nothing to do with the existence or non-existence any deity/god/supreme being. And they are not always as clear about the evidence behind  those beliefs as they could be.  For example, there is the ‘supernatural’. Most atheists do not believe in any form … Continue reading »

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The Spirit of Enquiry

Doubt is the basis of all scientific progress. Without doubt, there is no enquiry, and without enquiry, there is no progress. Every scientific advance we have made is because of the spirit of enquiry. We have to question ourselves constantly. Even with an expected result in an experiment, the scientist thinks, “Perhaps this is not … Continue reading »

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Ricky Gervais on Atheism – You must see this!

This is worth watching. Both Ricky and his commenter make great points. You just can’t argue with them.

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On Fish and Faith

It may not be immediately obvious that faith is a bad thing about religion, but some thought on the subject makes it clear. We hear of someone being called a man or woman of faith, and that brings a certain amount of respect in religious circles. They may even be given that respect in secular … Continue reading »

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Heaven – a fatally flawed place

Ignoring the pre-pagan roots of the whole idea of a ‘Heaven’, there are some things in common with most believers’ concepts of what it is, and what’s going to happen there. Invariably: Heaven is a place where the faithful go after they die. It always considered a good place to go. You only go there … Continue reading »

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Each religion thinks it owns the truth…

In this era of instant communication, and widespread literacy, each religion still holds that it is the true religion, and that all others have to a greater or lesser extent got it wrong…
The great historian Stephen Henry Roberts (1901-71) put it well when he said, “I contend that we are both atheists. I just believe in one fewer god than you do. When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours.” Continue reading »

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The Confusion of the Natural and the Supernatural

Only someone indoctrinated into not thinking, into never considering nature as the primary force in this universe, into never critically analysing all the possibilities before deciding which one is right, can believe that natural events have supernatural origins.
Continue reading »

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Win £500.00 / $750.00

Argue with me and win £500! ($750) Ethical Atheism is offering a cash prize of £500 ($750) to anyone who can defeat one of my (John Bremner’s) arguments. You don’t have to prove that God exists to win this money – just prove that one of the arguments listed under Bad Things about Religion has … Continue reading »

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Why Doesn’t God fix Bad Teeth?

The question has to be asked – what do the gods-people-worship have against people with bad teeth? Is it a personal vendetta? Do they use bad teeth to punish people? Surely not everyone with bad teeth deserves to be punished? Surely there are some really deserving cases? We can easily think of people we ourselves would help, given the chance. Could a god do less? Continue reading »

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