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Ricky Gervais on Atheism – You must see this!

This is worth watching. Both Ricky and his commenter make great points. You just can’t argue with them.

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Religion Convinces People to do Bad and Stupid Things in its Name

A few years ago a story hit the newspapers. A ten year old girl from a strict Muslim family lifted her veil to wipe the sweat from her face in the Turkish summer heat, and thus broke Islamic law. Her parents consulted an Imam as to how to punish the girl. He told them that, … Continue reading »

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Heaven – a fatally flawed place

Ignoring the pre-pagan roots of the whole idea of a ‘Heaven’, there are some things in common with most believers’ concepts of what it is, and what’s going to happen there. Invariably: Heaven is a place where the faithful go after they die. It always considered a good place to go. You only go there … Continue reading »

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