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What is Ethical Atheism?

Although the words ‘ethical atheism’ seem self-explanatory, they are for some people a contradiction in terms. Many people of religion believe that there can be no such thing as ethical atheism because being an atheist makes a person evil. Without God, what can give us morals, rules to live by, incentive towards being good rather … Continue reading »

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Do Atheists have Superior Thinking Skills?

I would assert that not all atheists have superior critical thinking skills. Some, perhaps even the majority, are people who do not believe in any god because they’ve been brought up in a household where religion is never discussed: it’s just not on their agenda, so it is something they have not thought about. Many … Continue reading »

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Atheist Ethics and Abortion

Some atheists seem to have strongly held beliefs about a whole host of things that have nothing to do with the existence or non-existence any deity/god/supreme being. And they are not always as clear about the evidence behind  those beliefs as they could be.  For example, there is the ‘supernatural’. Most atheists do not believe in any form … Continue reading »

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Heaven – a fatally flawed place

Ignoring the pre-pagan roots of the whole idea of a ‘Heaven’, there are some things in common with most believers’ concepts of what it is, and what’s going to happen there. Invariably: Heaven is a place where the faithful go after they die. It always considered a good place to go. You only go there … Continue reading »

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You can’t argue with someone who does not think…

She knew nothing of Bishop Berkley, Thomas Aquinas, Nietzsche, Thomas Paine, Gandhi, Marx, Plato, St Augustine, Russell, or any of the great thinkers of the past and the present. I knew that nothing I could say would make any difference, because reason was not involved. If someone does not think, you can’t argue with them.
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